i take Opanas ER 40 mgs twice a day along with my morphine 15 IR four times a day, and ive tried so many things and found that this really works for me, but now ive heard that there is a shortage on opanas, ive asked my pharmasist and he said that he would order them for me but not sure if they would come in or not, my pain mgmt dr has not heard this news yet, i dont want to go to oxys cause they dont work as good as the opanas, and i definantly dont want to go to methadone cause ive been on them before and the withdrwal was HORRIBLE to say the least, so im not sure what to think? can someone tell me what is really goin on, so when i go c my dr on the 21st i can tell her what i heard, and can get it fixed so i dont get a script that i cant get filled anywhere and end up going through withdrawl, (that scares me the most!!! )