I will start at the beginning two years ago I was prescribe prestique (not sure how to spell it) I had my first panic attack while driving home from work which cause me to go to the hospital. My blood pressure was through the roof ,eye dilated , and couldn't breathe. This was not the short live panic attacks that I experience today it was hours I stop the drug but have never felt myself ever since. It lasted for weeks
Ever since then I have a major fear of driving so in June I went back to the dr and she gave me bus par 5mg 3/day . Because of my fear of medicine as well I. Took it only twice a day. It never really helped me so I found a new dr and he put me on zoloft 50mg for the first week and 100mg thereafter that was almost 4 weeks ago. It should be working right ? Well I do feel my depression is completely gone but I still feel anxious almost always in the morning and of course when I have to drive. Today I was feeling likes panic attack was coming on so I took 1/2 of the .25 mg of alprazolam that he prescribe to me last week ( I was to scared to take it when he gave it to me) so that would be .12.5 mg I felt so much better after 20 mins , a little high but i was able to function . Then I could feel it wear off and started feeling shaking and nervous again. I am not addictive but if I continue to take it my concern is that my body will get used to it and after you read all the horror stories about it it concerns me
Sorry this is so long but shouldn't the Zoloft help my anxiety be less I guess I am waiting for that moment of oh it finally working .. Not really that thrilled about taking alprazolam everyday but now that I see what it actually does which make me feel normal how can I not ??? Is anyone going through or have gone through something similar what did u do???