The main blister has healed, but not before i had a lesion on my cornea, staff infection, and some other infection in my eye. Dermatologist put me on antibiotic by mouth for staff, valtrex for actual shingles, and gabapintin for the pain. Ohthamologist gave me predisone drops for infection, zirgan drops for lesion and timolol for high pressure that developed from infection. I am finally down on the amount of drops used for eyes. On the gabapintin, started with 1 100mg the first night and after a couple of days was increased to 2 then to 3 capsuls. I now take 1 at about 5pm and 3 at bedtime. I still have enough pain that i can not hardly wear my glasses. I tried one time to take 3 pills spread out through the day, but made me too loopy and dizzy. So taking the 3 at bedtime and just one around 5pm. I am about to pull my hair out because of the pain across my nose. Wondering if there are nerve blocks for this area?