Hello everyone. What it is and using antiviral medication I know.,but, the amazing pain and the effect of a person with a compromised immune system has me baffled. I had this when I was 26 as well.

Just started Friday evening itch one spot. Then there were two. Sent a picture to the Rheumy on call and she said shingles on Saturday. Today I was so sick and the burning so intense I was at the ER. Now I write from my hospital room. they gave me dilaudid and the pain disappeared like magic. Never had a drug like this before. No wonder people get hooked. Magic. Also an antiviral in IV and pills. Much higher dose than I tarted yesterday.

They are concerned and said that I am very high risk. Continuing to show more and more rash. Just wanted to know how others have handled this and how long they had it. The literature says three or four weeks. Karen