"I had a sexual thing with my girlfriend 14-15 days after her last period happened , so it should be around her ovulation day , she is a virgin and we did not have intercourse and i did not ejaculate on her we had oral sex and I ejaculated outside and cleaned my self then 30 minutes later we started to make out again and I rubbed my penis's head up and down her vulva for may be at most 10 seconds (she was not wet) , and I have read all the articals and I learned you can get pregnant with residual sperm in urethra ,so 9 hour later this thing she took ella(morning after pill) but articals in princteon say ella and other morning after pills inhibit ovulation it is not effective if it is taken already after ovulation. I am so concerned.
what are the changes of little semen getting in from that smaller hole than a non-virgin girl in her vagina and getting her pragnent I dont even know If there were semen please help me."