so last week me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time and lost our virginity's to each other, we had it back to back (late sunday and early Tuesday) and of course I wore a condom but after the second time, the next morning she started having cramps and she said that she had a weird feeling in her stomach after that it was maybe like 12:00am (night) Thursday, she then took plan b. BUT now its Wednesday and for the past couple of days she's been experiencing pregnant like symptoms cramping from time to time, dizziness, breast soreness, stomach pains and tiredness but she has yet to show discharge, spotting, vomiting, morning sickness, and a heightened sense of smell BUT.. the thing is her period is suppose to come either next week or the week after that! could that be the reason why she isn't spotting? but most of all could she be pregnant??? because it has been driving us crazy these past couple of days!!