Last night before bed i went to go to the restroom, i noticed a localized sharp, just flat out weird pain on the back of my left calf, couple inches below the knee. Pacing around i noticed it only happens whenever i take a step and am lifting my leg back up. After pacing around the house trying to figure out what it is, is just kinda went away. after laying in bed worrying i got back up to use the restroom, pain only came during one step and went away again. I woke up this morning and it's back whenever i walk around, on a weird note, if i lean over and touch it whilst walking, or lean over any which way while walking, no pain. It only happens when i'm straight up, walking like normal. it's sorta like someone is pricking me with a needle. And it goes away sometimes and comes back. It might be unrelated, two weeks ago i had an abscess drained by a doctor and was diagnosed with mrsa, but took all the antibiotics that were given to me and looks like a bruise with a cut now., it's on the thigh of the same leg, not sure if it's relate at all. Any help is appreciated and i can definitely add any more details or answer questions. Sorry for that long read