i want to share my recovery success. i am on day 9 clean of oxycodone and want everyone to know it is possible! i NEVER thought i would have made it and tried numerous times on my own with NO success! the back heat and crawlers were to unbearable to me. woke up every morn with swolen feeling ankles and just an overall feeling of weakness and stuffy nose. take a pill and feeling like a champ! well i was up to little over 200mg and i cut down each week till a month ago i cut back from 60mg a day to 45, 30, 15, 7, 3.5, then the ultimate move of 0! OTC sleeping pills, multi vit, xanax, has helped me succeed these 9 days so far and the MOST important thing that has helped me is JESUS! i went back to church and prayed as i heard in church "all things are possible through christ JESUS!" and he will not let u suffer if you allow the holy spirit to come in your life. i have to say there is a GOD and he does wonders! im dead serious! 2yrs of oxy use living my life from pill to pill i NEVER thought id live a day let alone a week and now 9 days without any pills. i have energy and feelings back and i honestly owe it all to GOD! :)! have 130 pills left and can you believe it, i got rid of it! b4 i wouldnt have even taken any amount of $ for just one pill!