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I have some shaking in my hands and the doctor prescribed me propranolol 40 mg per day. Is this ok?

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Inactive 8 Nov 2012

Hello giftygift. Yes it is. (ok) and safe. Regards pledge

angel1662 8 Nov 2012

hello giffygift,
I have been on propranolol, it is a beta blocker used to treat hypertension, anxiety, panci, yes it is safe to take, but as with all meds, i suggest if u have any side effects contact doctor immediately... GOD BLESS...

AquariusAnneCA 9 Nov 2012

I have used propanolol for familial tremors in my hand, just as you have, for 15 years and it has not done me any harm. Doctor started me off with 20mg once a day, then increased it just last year to 40mg. It has not done me any harm and I am extremely sensitive to medications. This is also a beta blocker so it also helps keep down high blood pressure. So it is a 2 for 1 use. I would not worry about it although we are all different so if you notice any changes in your body, please note that to your doctor. Also, this is an older prescription which I like as it has had a lot of experience with people.
Good luck to you giftygift,

endlessPred 9 Nov 2012

I would like to add that one thing you should watch for is sudden dizziness when you stand up. Or a change in blood pressure going to low. It turns out that I had this problem and am one of those people who cannot take it. Luckily I was in the hospital on monitors and they gave me something to reverse it.

Most people take it fine and it is very helpful. I know two violinists who perform, one a major recoding artist, and it simply reduces stage fright and allows them to perform at the top of their profession. Hand tremors do go away then. Others adjust getting used to the tremors and find that they occur only when there is tension in their upper arms. Familial tremors run in families and just look shaky but don't interfere in fine work.

Hope this works for you. Propranolol is relatively short lived but does take at least an hour to kick in before you feel a difference. It can be taken as needed when hand control,is important. Good luck. Hope you do well with this.

endlessPred 9 Nov 2012

And Giftygirl. Know that you are one of many who do very well performing or speaking in public who have this exact problem. Add a few relaxation techniques and you will be as marvelous as you know you are. free discount card

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