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Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Could you get a STD from an UTI?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2011

Std can cause symptoms of a urinary tract infection, like burning or irritation. If you suspect you have an std, then you will have to let the doctor check for it, std's are not infections you can guess at. Could you be a bit more specific about what is going on.

Valmac32 26 Apr 2011

My friends gf had a uti about a month ago, then my friend, about a wk ago, burns while he pees.. And he is saying that he has an STD even tho his gf is clean. So I was just trying to help him out in finding the answer to my question, also that I read that a uti can be passed on to someone else

kbrewer816 25 Jun 2013

A utility is very hard to pass on. If she had a yeast infection he may have it. Yeast infections and not keeping both genitals clean can create a severe yeast infection on both bodies. It can also get bad enough to cause him/her body to create the clap. It happened to a friend when she was pregnant.

kbrewer816 25 Jun 2013

I meant uti.

Jabberwock13 6 May 2015

I have a friend who is constantly getting utis. But she gets them every time she has her period. Her hoohaa is just more sensitive than others. The best bet is to go to the ob/gyn. You'll have peace of mind and antibiotics for the uti. free discount card

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