I started Wellbutrin SR (generic) 3 weeks ago to stop smoking. First week was 1x dose of 150mg in the morning. Second week I started 2x a day; first dose (150mg) around 8am, 2nd dose (150mg) around 2pm. I had stomach issues sometime last week, but I thought it was just a stomach bug, and I still think it may have been.
But then one day last week, one beautiful day, I had increased libido. I had more libido than I remember having in YEARS. I am only 28, but with 2 small kids and a high stress job, I have not been truly in the mood in a long time--despite OTC drugs, trying 'tips' I read online. I am even a little annoyed because the same doc who gave me Wellbutrin, I told him a year ago my libido is shot and I wanted help. He said there's nothing to do if it's not hormonal. Anyway, so that one glorious day I was on fire, and luckily I work with my husband. We both had a wonderful day. I googled and saw it can be a side effect of Wellbutrin, and was very happy! Well, ever since that day, it's all gone. I can't figure out why that day was so sexually energized, and then back to cold. Anyone have insight on that?
By the way, it is helping with smoking cessation, down to 5 a day (from 1.5 packs) and the 5 are only out of habit. Throwing them out next week, and I think it's going to be fine