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Sexual Deviations or Disorders - what causes loss of erection before having sex at 34 years of age?

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Anonymous 6 Nov 2011

Hi Chene,
Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things, physical or mental.
Medications can also play a role in this. Are you taking any medications that would cause ED?
If you would please list any meds you are taking, that would help us to better answer your question.
best wishes

Ohene 6 Nov 2011

thanks but i am not on any druds. without carrying out any test on me the doctor says nothing is wrong with me. i don't have a problem with my partner either

litlmommag 7 Nov 2011

Ohene if not on meds low testosterone can cause this. As well as if its been awhile since you've been together. Another is just low blood flow. I would try to wear boxer shorts if you wear briefs that's suppose to good good suppose to make you more fertil to s if don't want no babies id use condoms. Oh I know your 34 so not to be insulting but if you use condoms with spermicide maybe your body doesn't like it or it could be to tight. I wish you Happy love making hpe this helped free discount card

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