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I had sex during my unsafe days but 3 hours after sex I took a morning after pill . Can I get preg?

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kaismama 19 Feb 2014

Please don't use a calender to determine safe days to have unprotected sex. Only 30% of women ever ovulate according to the calender. And then not every month. The ECPs. are less effective then then birth control pills, but the sooner you take them the better and you got it just about as fast as humanly possible. You still have a chance of pregnancy, but not as high as it would have been if you hadn't taken it. Please stop having unprotected sex if you don't want to get pregnant.

ms sadness 19 Feb 2014

And if it the 13th day of my period cycle ? Can I stilll get pregnant ? But I drank d pills after sex

kaismama 19 Feb 2014

You cannot depend on that protecting you. You could possibly get pregnant or not, depending when you ovulate. Just stop unprotected sex and use a reliable birth control.

DzooBaby 19 Feb 2014

You still can get pregnant. You have about a 20-35% chance for getting pregnant. Plan b and other emergency contraceptives are better than taking nothing but NO birth control is 100% effective. Birth control pills, taken daily are about 98-99.9% effective depending on how consistent you are in taking them. Emergency contraception is not as effective. It is always better to prevent pregnancy BEFORE sex than try to stop it after the fact. free discount card

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