I had sex Dec 3 (he didnt finish in me just didnt use a condom but he pulled out) and then took plan b the day after just in case. Had sex again Dec 9 and he used a condom, finished, took it off and kept going. Took plan b again the next day. (I know this is highly unrecommended) My period was scheduled for the 11 and didnt come until the 15. It was a 5 day long period, heavy enough to fill tampons but not as heavy as normal. (I know that plan b throws off the menstrual cycle) I took a set of tests on the 15 (the day i started my period) just to see and they were negative. I took another set of tests on the 22 and they were also negative. I just feel like im worrying myself sick about this whole thing. I just want some input as to how this sounds to other people. please let me know if it sounds like that was my period and not just some joke because of the pill.