..I had sex once I got off my period( he pulled out and i was afriad of the precum so i took the pill the very next day (within 24hrs) 3 days later I had light spotting than it got heavy, it also came with very bad bloating like I ate too much food and its just sitting there. I felt a little lightheaded and had abdominal pain crapping that hurt really bad , my period ended on the 7th day but the stomach discomfort was still there, 2 weeks later I got my period again, the bloating pain stopped for like a day then came back but it doesn't hurt as much, I just feel gassy. My breast didnt feel sore it felt and looked normal like it always does I'm just afraid of this bloating that feels like a never ending gas bubble. I honestly dont understand what's happening to me, I just hope there's no baby cooking in there and hope that its just a stubborn gas bubble that is trying to mess with my head