I was very desperate for a job and had unprotected sex with a guy who promised me a job on the 7th of March 2014, I took morning after pills on the 8th March, first day of my last period was on 16 March (of which I was convinced the pill worked). I then had unprotected sex again (after my period) with my boyfriend several times but don't recall the dates (somewhere from March 10) . I found out I was pregnant on the 10th of April and went for an ultrasound on the 30th of April, my Doc said I am 7wks 5dys preg. How accurate could that be as I believed at the back of my mind that I am between 5-6wks pregnant. Could it be possible that the pill didn't work? I'm scared and confused that it might not be my boyfriends. Please help. I am losing my mind and can't seem to not stress about this mess I put myself in.