But then I had sex again a week ago. We used a condom again and it was only for about 30 seconds because of the pain I was having and I just got an uneasy feeling about it. It was only my second time. I am taking medicine for anxiety and it's very possible I am just stressing myself out and creating problems that aren't here. But after that time, I came home and threw up. And it could have been because of the guilt or anxiety. I have been having some cramping since I think the day afterwards. And I have been a little constipated which I read is a sign of pregnancy. I am just very worried. I really wanted to take plan B but didn't have the money and now I'm afraid I've made a big mistake. Idk if I'm just being paranoid or if it's even possible to be pregnant. By the way he didn't cum at all. I have made my mind to stop having sex until I can deal with the consequences. And right now I cant. I'm not ready. I am really scared please help