Two weeks ago I had sex with a condom and I've been on a newer birth control for almost 3 months. Prior to starting my new BC, I had been on it for a year. Upon having sex I had just finished my period and I was on my second pill of my new pill pack. Due to a previous abusive relationship I have a bit of a fear of pregnancy.

I have a history of ovarian cysts as well as a tilted uterus which makes my periods VERY painful, and the pain begins two weeks before my period is due. But since beginning this new birth control, I haven't had it until now. The light cramping began a week or so after I had sex and now I'm experiencing light breast tenderness. But just slightly. My period is due in 8 days. I know the chance is slim that I am pregnant, but what do you think? Could the hormones in my new birth control be just settling into my body allowing me to experience more pain, or could I be pregnant?

Please any insight you have would be great. Like I mentioned I have a lot of anxiety about this due to a previous relationship.