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I took my pill and then I had sex a bout 10 minutes after dose that mean iam pregnant?

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DzooBaby 19 Sep 2013

I need more information. Is this your very first pill? If yes, then you have the same possibility of becoming pregnant as if you were not taking anything (we dont always get pregnant every time we have sex) because it takes the Pill a while to work in our systems-they are not magic. If you have been on the Pill longer than seven days then no, it doesnt matter. As long as you take a pill each day, at roughly the same time of day, and have taken at least seven consecutive days of active pills then you are protected 24/7.

Katiejayy1234 21 Sep 2013

Thank you so on Tuesday I took the pill and Wednesday I had sex and Thursday I took the pill Friday I took the pill dose that mean am safe and protected or not xx

Katiejayy1234 21 Sep 2013

I don't know what the pill is called but it's the one u go on it for 21 days and come off for 7 I got them of my doctor

DzooBaby 25 Sep 2013

Katie, if you just started birth control pills, depending on where you were in your cycle, you may or may not have been protected. If you start the Pill on Day1, the first day you start your period, you are protected from Day 1, if you start at any other time, you need seven consecutive days of active pills before you are protected. Did you start your pill on the first day of your period?

kaismama 19 Sep 2013

Can you tell us what pill and how long you've been taking them? We're good but not psychic. lol free discount card

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