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Okay I had sex the 7th and started my period the 18th could that sex on the 7th have gotten me preg?

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puck345 21 Apr 2014

Ok, I'm a man and a gay one at that so I dint really know my way around the female reproductive system BUT I think there is an online tool that will allow you to plot your menstrual trend and it will tell you the mathematical likelihood of conception. I dont know where to find it but Im sure you could find something on google.

kaismama 21 Apr 2014

You don't need a tool for this one. You've had a period since you had sex, you're not pregnant. Bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy.

sjdaniels 21 Apr 2014

Okay I was unsure because people were telling me I could still have a light period because it was a week before free discount card

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