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I had sex about 2 weeks ago. What tests to perform to check whether I am HIV negative?

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jenniferrushing1980 4 Jul 2013

You need to go to your doctor and have him/her do an HIV screen and a western blot test. if you are HIV positive both of these tests will be a (+), but if the HIV screen comes back (+) but the western blot test comes back( -), then there is a 50/50 chances you do or don't, so they will draw new blood and do further testing to see if you have any antibodies, and other HIV/AIDS germs. I know this, because that is what happened with me. turns out with all of the different tests performed on me, I finally get my result! I am 100% HIV (-). but it sure is a very scary thing, waiting around for the results!!! All you can do while you wait is pray! please make sure you go to your doctor and get tested! good luck to you my friend!!

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