... partner did not finish) and I also had sex again without a condom at 4 am (he pulled out before he finished) however I still am aware of precum. I took take action plan b at around 1 the next day (still Jan 16th) so it was about 9 hrs after the fact, but i was supposed to ovulate around Jan 16th/Jan 17th. It is Jan 23rd and I started bleeding today similar to a period however im not due to have my period until 9 days from now. Is this plan b side effects or a pregnancy symptom? I weigh 150 so im under the weight limit for plan b. Side note: to top all of my stress i have had the flu since yesterday (Jan 22nd). pregnancy, plan b, and the flu all share some of the same symptoms and I am not in a position to be pregnant, someone please give me advice!!!