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I had sex on the 14th (protected), supposed to get my period on the 28th, got it on the 25th, help?

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panic_depressedAP 25 Jan 2016

my period is sometimes regular for months, even years, but then again I've also gone through times where it's irregular (comes early, comes late). I'm not a doc, just an average woman, but I wouldn't worry about your period coming a few days early. it came, and although that's not a sure sign that you're not pregnant... it's a very good sign that you aren't. there's many reasons for your period to come a little early... vitamin deficiencies are one reason. if your period flow seems to be pretty much the same as it is any other month (not just "spotting") then my advice to you is that you're period just came a little bit early and I wouldn't worry at all :) if any pain in your lower abdomen or any vaginal pain or unusual discharge occurs THEN you would want call your gynecologist. otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. free discount card

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