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I had sex on d 10 aug and my periods never came could I be pregnant?

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MacIntosh12 28 Aug 2013

There is always a chance of pregnancy if you aren't taking proper precautions. Even IF you are taking proper precautions you STILL may become pregnant.
Please buy a home pregnancy test, that will set your mind at rest IF you are not pregnant.
Best wishes,

HeadStarter 29 Aug 2013

Hello, sam, and welcome to DC. I am not sure I am understanding your question. If you are stating that you had unprotected sex on day 10 of taking the pill but you haven't gotten your period yet... can you let us know where you are now with your pill pack??? You should be close to getting your period... and stress can cause you not to have one. You might also be one of those people who just "spot" and don't actually get a full blown period. Just because you are on the pill doesn't mean you will get a period either. You didn't specify what birth control pill you are taking. I was one of those people who stopped getting a period while on the pill. I was prescribed the pill for "acne" when I was 15. I was on it for a pretty long time... years and years.

Before you panic, if you took the pill the same time, every day without skipping any then I don't believe you are pregnant. Depending on when you started your pack whether it was the first Sunday following the beginning of your period or not. If you took it without fail for at least 7 days then you should be protected by day 10, for sure, presuming you continued to take it the same time, every day, without skipping or missing any.

Knowledge is everything and understanding how BC works is paramount to having a happy, fulfilling active experience. However, you have to be in charge here. If this method is too cumbersome... then perhaps another form of BC is in order for you... presuming you are not pregnant. Talking with your prescribing doctor, right now, will set your mind at ease, too, I believe. You can always take a home pregnancy test but I would wait for at least two more weeks or get a blood test but it is still pretty soon. You are not really late yet unless I have misunderstood your comment.

Whatever you do... continue to take the pill on time and every day unless your doctor tells you otherwise or go in for a pregnancy test.

If you have any further comments or wish to add to your comment, that is easy enough to do. We are here to help you as best as we can using this type of venue - the Internet. We are not medical professionals nor acting in that capacity... just offering up our personal experiences and giving advice based on our personal experiences, knowledge and/or expertise and so on.

Peace to you in your world,
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