Hello. Since Friday, I' ve had really bad tailbone pain. It wasn't horrible friday, and i assumed i just slept wrong but Saturday morning comes and the pain is worse, now it hurts to sit flat on my bottom, and there's an uncomfortable pain when I walk. Sunday comes and I'm woken up in the morning by even worse pain. It's unbearable to sit, stand up from a sitting position and it severely hurts to walk. Monday, I had to cancel an important meeting because I couldn't walk without feeling nauseas and feeling like I'm being stabbed. Tuesday, I went to a doctor but he wasn't much help. He just prescribed pain meds. All my symptoms include severe and unbearable pain while sitting, rising from a sitting position, crouching for a sitting position, laying on my back and sides, and walking. When pressing on the area, it is tender and I also feel "rebound" pain. The pain makes me feel nauseas, and faint, and I've spent almost all week crying because i can't get comfortable. I can't see behind me and I have no one to check for me. I do not have a GP so I depend on going to either a walk in clinic or the local emergency room.