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I have Severe Sweating bouts since taking synthroid, eyes burn, headaches. Should I discontinue?

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SHEsevEN4 17 Dec 2014

How long have you been taking synthroid ? I was having this problem before taking synthroid, took weeks before I started feeling like my self again.

fayfaith 17 Dec 2014

Are you taking any other medications? It might not have nothing to do with synthroid. I've taken it myself n not experienced this,but We are all different. First, before making any final decisions,call your doctor and share this info with him/her. If you're unable to reach him/her make sure the doctor's nurse knows. Leave message until you make contact. If you feel strongly about synthroid causing this condition n can't reach your doctor,please call or go to the emergency room? They do usually have a nurse on call for this purpose. Give Us an update? GB

fayfaith 17 Dec 2014

I also remember sweating myself, suddenly,at different times before I started taking Synthroid.

SHEsevEN4 17 Dec 2014

fayfaith has a good ideal there what she said, called Doctor and speak with the nurse, him/her would be able to help and if him/her thinks you need to be rechecked, I've been on it for 30 years you can have to much or to little, that's why I get rechecked every six months. free discount card

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