I've been dealing with severe sinus issues now for over a year straight with no relief. It consists of painful sinus pressure in my nose and all around it. Extends to my eyes and above the nose bridge. Then also I feel it in upper jaw and around teeth up there. I continually have headaches or pressure that feels similar to it, ive gone through hundreds of Excedrin pills, 2-4 a day. Took augmenting initially early on, felt a little better but then it got bad again. Took zpak 2 months after for 3 days only, felt better but immediately worse once dosage ended on day 3. Was too short of time. I've had occasional discharge in my eyes as well as constant discomfort. Had ct scan of sinus and brain, both supposedly negative. I take steroidal nasal spray and sudafed plus zyrtec. I'm really at my wit's end and need relief immediately. So could use helpful suggestions from other sinus sufferers.