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I have had severe RLS for 27 yrs. can someone suggest a medicine that actually works?

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Factfinder411 24 Sep 2013

A lot ppl use klonopin, maybe a pain drug too.

kaismama 24 Sep 2013

Have you been thro the meds for it, like requip?

DzooBaby 24 Sep 2013

For me, opioids that I take for back pain help my RLS but it doesnt stop it, it just keeps it to a minimum.

55barbara 24 Sep 2013

I have had RLS for 26 years (very severe last 10 years), now my 50 year old daughter has it. She takes Ambien which works for her, but does nothing for me, not even sleep.
I have taken gabapentin (no effect), mirapex, requip (side effects),
clonopin (no effect).
So far the only thing that gives me relief is Norco (10/325). Drs don't like to prescribe because it is addicting, but I only take at night when I feel RLS starting in and have no desire to take it at any other time. Works best for me if I take it even before RLS starts but I don't always do that because it is constipating so try not to take every night.
The 325 mg dosagge of acetaminapin is safe, but do not take any other drugs containing acetaminapin
Also sometimes take flurazepam to help with sleep.
This is such a debilitating condition, wreaks havoc with sleep and lifestyle.
Hope this helps--everyone is different

55barbara 25 Sep 2013

sometimes throwing a bowl of cold water on legs helps

sadsunny 25 Sep 2013

Hi, rodlaw99... I to suffer from RLS. For about 5 yrs on & off was given neurotin 500milgs 3x day .. It can be habit forming, after a while like a love/ hate . Med. I started feeling as I was increasing my legs were getting worse. So my new primary percsribed (mirapex) it's given to ms patients. But I have to tell you the 2cd nite I took 1hr before bed, one month ago legs are STILL :). Ask your dr
I wish you well free discount card

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