Im on the patch and have been taking it continuously for several months now (no 1 week off for a period) I have done this many times in the past with the pill. - I get horrible headaches monthly if I go off my birth control for the week so I only allow 2-3 periods a year to avoid the headaches- doctors have said this is ok and it seems to work until now. The past 3 or so weeks Ive been getting extreme period like cramps, I mean horrible where I get the chills and need to find a place to sit or I might faint. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this from the patch? I seriously doubt I'm pregnant and I really dont want to get my monthly headaches again since they last a full week at a time.

I should add that these cramp like symptoms have been happening regularly for 3 or so weeks, not just when my period should have started.