This morning I was prescribed Effexor--- 75mg twice daily. A half hour after taking the first dose at 10:00 a.m. I got a tidal wave of nausea and felt like I had been slipped a hit of acid (no better way to explain). I was sick to my stomach, losing control of the world around me and totally freaking out. (Luckily, or unluckily) I was in my boss's office at the time and she watched it all unravel. She even asked if she could call an EMT. She ended up taking me to my doctor's office where it was decided this was not a reaction to the Effexor but simply and only a panic attack. I was given Ativan and sent home. While the effects dissipated throughout the day, I took the second dose at 3:00 p.m. and while it took several hours this time, am finding myself in the "jr." version of this morning's episode.

I don't want to quit, I realize meds have side effects when you first take them, but this seems really unusual. Also confusion that the reaction was so quickly dismissed by my doctor and to a lesser degree the pharmacist.

So my question is, is creating panic attacks an initial side effect of Effexor? I'm taking it to *stop* anxiety disorder and depression.