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Have severe pain like sharp knife one right side chest have very bad cold and fever hard to brethe?

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Inactive 17 Feb 2016

Hi Walter, this is Liz, it sounds like your very bad cold might be pneumonia. The pain you are feeling sounds like a lung issue, especially since you are having a hard time breathing. I would suggest you try to get in to see your doc today, and if he/she cannot see you, go to the emergency room, ASAP,. Please let me know how you are doing, don't put it off. Bless, and good luck!!

walter church sr 17 Feb 2016

Thank you

Inactive 17 Feb 2016

You are welcome. Please let me know how you are doing!!

chuck1957 20 Feb 2016

Walter im with the other post you don't want to mess around with chest pain, But with everything else you're saying you should see a doctor ASAP could have lungs filled up and pain could be a pulled muscle etc But nothing you want to fool with. free discount card

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