Hi all. First off I want to state and emphasize my desperation for someone to AT LEAST hint me in any direction of what is wrong with me. I am 18 years old and since the age of 10 have had horrible leg pains.

- After sunset I am fair game, the pain occurs ONLY at night and more OFTEN in the cooler seasons (fall & winter )
- It is very random in location. Often it'll start at the knee (I'm lucky if it stays there) and when it worsens the pain worsens and/or it spreads to my thighs and/or shins and/or other leg too. It will occur only between my ankles and hip bones. Any area of any leg.
-Over the years it has worsened by occurring more frequently before it'd be once every two months now it's weekly or bi-weekly.
-The cold worsens the pain and heat alleviates it completely if not makes the pain more tolerable
- Very recently in the past 6 months my pain has actually spread to my right elbow. This occurs rarely probably only 4 times thus far, and after my pain spreads to both my legs completely. I can reasonably conclude it's worsening if its now occurring in another limb after 8 years.

-this isn't a muscle pain the pain feels deep like within the bone or joints
Doctors used to dismiss the severity of my pain because of my age and would just blame growing pains. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY NOT THAT. I will wake in the middle of night and cry because the pain is too much and can't continue sleeping. I am very healthy and workout and no history of disease in the family.