I have been taking aza for 7 months due to Ulcerative Colitis.I am also a Gluten Free diet for life. If i lay my palm hand side down i am in extreme pain when trying to pull my fingers or palm or hand back up towards my arm,i cant turn the key into my house to let myself in. If i had to self defence myself i have no chance of lifting my hands to protect myself,the pain is too severe. Doctors are still trying to find out and doing a variety amount of test..If i was pushed face down to the floor there is no way i could put my hands up to stop myself falling,i would rather fall because the pain is severe. 1 being the mildest in pain to ten being the highest i am on ten. I cant even clean table tops without experiencing pain because cant do round and round motions, washing up,wiping hands... holding shopping bags..if anyone has suffered the same pain and or has a answer... please let me know... thank you.