I had a fusion L4 and L5 2007.I have four screws and two pins in that area.I went back to work and made it in pain for tens more years until I broke completely down.I had several epidurals over the ten year span.Finally I had the last resource a SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR IMPLANT.It reduces the pain when I have it turned up.I can hardly walk due to the pain.I am on tramadol.I will see my orthepedic doctor monday.I am hoping it is arthristis and not bone cancer.I am 62 and now on disability.I am not suppose to lift over 35 lbs.I have been so use to working hard since I was in high school.I think now I am paying for it.If you would pray for me my name is Dave.I get very depressed sometimes because I cannot do what I use to do.