When I retire in the evenings, usually between 10:30 and 11:30, I feel good and am optimistic and looking forward to the next day. When I awaken, usually around 5:30 - 6:00, I basically hurt all over, but the pain in my upper arms is severe. The dull pain, or ACHE, is so severe that I cannot get back to sleep. I will take ONE hydrocodone (10/325) and 800mg ibuprofen. Sometimes that will ease the pain considerably, but some mornings, like right now, I took a Norco at 3:45 and it is now 4:30. The pain has hardly subsided, so will probably take another hydrocodone in about 20 minutes.
I am 66 years old, have mild COPD, hypothyroidism, mild hypertension, and at times have severe cramps in my legs and feet, sometimes accompanied with akethesia ( what I term as Restless BODY Syndrome, as it affects my entire body).
I had a B12 injection, but no relief. Serum ferritin (iron saturation of the cells) was normal.
Blood panel and thyroid tests were normal, except vitamin D was low. Prescribed D3 supplement.
I considered depression, but ruled that out because my mind wants to get up and have a good productive day, and it is rather upsetting that my body, especially my ARMS, ache so bad that it takes several hours and hydrocodone just to get started.
I do have a higher-than-normal anxiety level, but have been that way most of my life.
My meds are as follows:

Hydrocodone - 10/325, 1or 2 tablets qid, PRN

Levothyroxin - 100mcg at bedtime.

Amlodipine - 5mg bedtime

Lisinopril - 20mg bedtime

Senemet - 25/100mg bid, PRN

Clonazepam - 0.5mg bedtime

Vitamin D3 - 2,000 IU once per day.

Any suggestions will be appreciated and considered, and of course be discussed with my primary.
Thank you, Larry W. Coffin