My boyfriend went in yesterday for an intercostal nerve block on T-11. We've done this a handful of times on T-8 thru T-10. Two weeks ago he had the block done on T-11 and got relief. We did a follow up nerve block on T-11 yesterday and he is in severe pain. I thought the block was to temporarily numb the pain. His pain is at a level 10. I've never heard him say he had any pain higher than 8. He is in so much pain moaning in his sleep. He can barely stay awake and even "writhes" in pain occasionally. I called the on call doctor and he says just take pain meds or go to the ER for pain relief. He cannot tell me what went wrong. I'm scared for him. I've nerve seen him hurt so bad. After all the cancer surgeries (4) and through it all, I've never seen this. Can anyone help provide info on what is wrong? The Oxy he takes rarely for breakthrough pain helps dull his pain a bit. He can't stop sleeping. It's Saturday night and we can't talk to the doctor til Monday.