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What should be taken for severe pain that does not affect the gastrointestinal tract?

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kaismama 14 Aug 2013

That's a rough one. NSAIDS cause gastritis and ulcers, narcotics cause nausea and constipation. Tramadol causes constipation, but not usually nausea. Its pretty much try it and see if it bothers you, whatever is prescribed.

Inactive 15 Aug 2013

Kaismama is right - it is trial and error for all of us. I haw Crohns, and have to be extremely careful what I eat and meds I take. After 28+ yrs, I still haven't found the "combo" that works best for me. Keep trying, what works for one may or may not work for another.

endlessPred 15 Aug 2013

When pain is severe, go to the doctor or ER. severe pain does not respond to anything but what they have at a hospital. If it is sudden or affects the abdomen it could be internal bleeding and affect your life. Your question is unclear if this is long term or sudden. Either way, please see the doctor.

purplerain269 15 Aug 2013

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