Since 2011 I have had severe neck pain right below the back of my head along the cervical spine that had gradually increased over the years and in late 2014 I decided that I could not take it anymore and went to the doctor. I was prescribed Naproxen which didn't do a thing got an MRI that came back negative then went to physical therapy and my pain still persisted where I was to the point that I couldn't move and I couldn't function without being in severe pain. After that I went to a chiropractor who did X-Rays and said that I have osteoarthritis in my lower back (which doesn't hurt) and once again after a few meetings with the chiropractor nothing changed. Finally I went to sports medicine and I was given tramadol and tizanidine and ordered to get a trigger point injection well once again the medicine didn't help and after I had the trigger point injection the pain has spread throughout my back and I was to the point where I was imoble. Finally I was given hydrocodone which was a godsend but after my prescription ran out I was afraid to ask for a refill as I didn't want to be accused of being a drug seeker. I recently went to a pain clinic and I was given Mobic and an X-Ray while still nothing has changed and just yesterday I got the results back from the Pain Specialist and the final decision still stands that they could not find anything and they no longer can help me. I was so depressed and frustrated going from place to place trying to get help when either no one beliefs me or they don't care. I don't know where else to turn anymore I have tried every over the counter medication, physical therapy and a chiropractor and still no help. My pain is centered on my cervical spine and I always wake up with a very stiff crushing feeling on my neck that goes to the back of my skull. I don't get headaches but I am in immense pain and don't know where to turn I have tried everywhere and I cannot live with this pain.