Since 2011 I have neck pain which gradually becomes more severe as the time goes by. In October of 2014 I decided I have had the last straw and went to the doctor who prescribed me Naproxen and an MRI. The Naproxen gave absolutely zero relieve and the MRI came back negative. I then went to physical therapy and a chiropractor a couple of times but still no relieve. I was then sent to Sports Medicine who prescribed me Trimadol ( Ultram), Tizanidine and a Trigger Point injection. That following Monday I went to get my Trigger Point injection and was prescribed Gabapentin which so far as been a little over a week and still have absolutely no relief, my pain has now moved down from my neck to my upper back and my neck now has a stiff feeling. I just don't understand what can be causing my pain and everyone has said it's muscle related but every medication I have taken has given me no relief and I am asking what could potentially be next?