I have trouble falling asleep if at all. Then once asleep, I wake every 2 hours like clockwork. I was previously prescribed Imovane but this isn't FDA approved in the US. I am from Canada originally. My physician prescribed Xanax in it's place but I found myself doubling my dosage to achieve the same affect as the Imovane. It's been almost a month of this and it's wearing me down. I get alot of migraines as it is and being sleep deprived isn't helping. I've had alot of change in my life this past year with moving to the US and trying to find work here. I have a 2 year old baby and a 10 year old who is also adjusting. More so my 10 yr old. I know stress is a huge trigger for my insomnia but I've struggled with bouts of it since I was a teenager..I'm 35 now. I currently take Gabapentin for a multiple disk injury and Celexa as a mood stabilizer but other than that I don't take any other regular medications. Is there something I can take for a longer term fix to my insomnia. I'm at a loss and loosing sleep.