I have bilateral footdrop which I was born with. I have been in a wheelchair since 2001 - although (I NEVER let my disability hold me back) I was always able to walk enough (with help) to transfer in & out of the car, take care of hygeine needs, cook, clean, etc. In 2012 my whole world came crashing down! I was prescribed the anti depressant Lexapro for a depression that I slipped into when my dad died. I lost my muscle strength, my voice, my hope! After a couple months I told my doctor that I just didn't feel right, his response was give it time - it's not in your system yet! He was right, 6 mnths later - when it was in my system - I had dizziness, slurred speech, loss of muscle strength, more migraines, etc. I saw several doctors who said how strong lexapro is & how dangerous it is to go off of. So the weaning off process started. And the confusion starts - brain fog (couldn't even balance my checkbook - for someone that once went to college & majored in business management, that was heartbreaking), restless leg syndrome, anxiety attacks so bad they send me to the ER, social anxiety - (debilitating for me since i've always been 'the outgoing one'), couldn't stand, couldn't even write, no voice AT ALL, for a short time my husband even had to feed me! I even had to join a support group for antidepressant withdrawal/SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome. My emotions are all over the place. My husband helps me work out to get back some of the strength i've lost. I read aloud to build up my voice - which is slowly coming back! At this point you're probably asking why I don't just sue the drug company! Since I was disabled to begin with & there are no tests to specifically diagnose a reaction to a drug or withdrawal from it, I have no proof! [ I am now down to .08 of a miligram - my last step]