april will make 2 years that i've been suffering and just miserable. this has basically ruined my life. after my 3rd child was born i had my tubes tied just hours after delivery. i had a normal vaginal delivery with epidural. everything went as planned just like my first 2 children. about 2 weeks after being home i started to have unusual pains in both legs. about 5 to 6 years ago i was diagnosed with deg. disc disease, some pinch nerves, arthritis and bulging disc but it was never bad enough where i was back and forth to the doctors. i went to my obgyn 2 weeks after delivery and she tested for blood clots. everything was fine, no clots. i waited another 2 or 3 weeks and the pain didn't ease up so i went to my PCP and began testing. over the past 2 years i've had 3 MRI's,(1 on my neck 2 on my back) done 3 nerve test(the ones where they shock you) had 3 of the needle test where they stick you then shock the muscle, a scan on my head which showed i had 2 small strokes in the past, several x-rays and i cant remember all the other test. after the 3rd MRI about 1 year later a tear near L4 and L5 was found. either im pushed off to another doctor, they give me a ton of prescriptions to try and send me on my way or they blame it on the crap that was discovered years ago. i had one doctor that said i needed surgery. she was going to fuse the disc, brace the front and back of my spine and put an artifical bone in the tear. well i started to do a little research on her before i let her cut me open and was not happy with what i found so i went for a 2nd opinion. i was told it would help my back pain but i would come out still with the leg pains so i decided not do it. why put myself through that if it wasn;t gonna help the most painful parts. as the time passes im getting worse and worse. the pain started in both legs, then my lower back, then to my right hip. both legs have the exact same pain, its a deep dull, aching pain that is from hips to toes. around my thighs, front and back of my knees, my calves feel sore and all around my ankles and they feel like their always cold. they turn spotty blue and purple, my feet swell just a little from time to time but my right hip has been swollen since day one. every month that passes the pain is getting worse and worse and its traveling. about 3 to 4 months ago the pain started going up my back and into my right shoulder blade. nothing relieves the pain and theres nothing i can do or change that even helps it a little. i can lay in the bed all day or walk for hours straight and it still feels the same. but sitting all day or having my legs bent even for 10 minutes at a time is the worst. im having a hard time sitting at my desk for 8 hours a day now. i've been trying to do my own research now because im not getting anywhere with any doctors around here and sometimes when i do find something new i ask them to test for or even just inquire about, they just blow me off or tell me they dont think thats it without even testing for it. thats how i found out about the 2 strokes i had. i had them check me for MS, i was willing to test for everything and anything just to find the root of this pain so we could figure out how to stop it. im having other small issues going on and think it's caused from your basic common illnesses but on the other hand i cant help but to think maybe its related. like waking up in the middle of the night at least once a week because one of my hands went numb, but i push it off as carpel tunnel. or my eyes will bother me and i push it off as looking at the computer all day. just small things like that and none of the 15 doctors i've been to think anything of it is related. im so tired of living in pain. my life has been almost ruined by this and i can't do anything i use to enjoy doing. sometimes the pain is so bad it messes with me mentally. i can't even tolerate the sound of someones voice. i feel the doctors are not taking me serious or by time they figure out whats wrong, it will be too late and i'll be fully disabled my then. my last visit to a speicalist said i needed to see a rheumatologist. i called in november to make an appointment and the soonest they had was march 21st so im just stuck waiting it out. i have spent thousands of dollars on specailists and test and medicines that dont work because our health ins. now sucks and we have a very large deductiable. i miss work because some days are unbareable and my husband has to take off too because i can't take care of my kids on those bad days. im to the point now i only see my PCP for my pain meds and i only take one thing now. why put all those meds in my body that cause other problems or the side affects are just as bad as the pain. im sorry for the novel of a post but im sick and tired of hurting and dealing with doctors that only want your money. im only 31 years old and i feel like i've been though more than what some of my grandparents have. if anyone out here has experienced what im going through or knows someone who has and can shed some light for me, even if anyone has a suggestion of something i can ask to be tested for.