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Hi I have severe labor like pains on my lower back and pelvis, it also runs down both my legs?

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LaurieShay 16 Oct 2012

Sounds like a problem such as sciatica were nerves are being pinched at/ or around the L5 S1 vertebrea. Probably need to be evaluated by a spine specialist.

bnagoh 16 Oct 2012

Yes that sounds about right. I have the same issues up and down my spine herniation's etc. The pain can get really bad. Call your Dr and you will have to get a pain specialist. Every body is different and you must call your Dr.

Inactive 16 Oct 2012

I totally agree. with the other answers. If you are not pregnant, it does sound like a lower back problem that could be a ruptured disc or a just a pinched nerve. You need to be evaluated by your doctor ASAP...

Delila 19 Oct 2012

Hi, i agree with the guys here! Just wanted to add that i experience this type of pain now and then and mine is due to prolapsed discs. Just a thought?

endlessPred 19 Oct 2012

Hello. I agree with seeing the doctor. Have you lifted something too heavy, fallen or been in an accident? Many causes, many similar responses.

For the time being use heat, ibuprofen, rest as much as you can. Also an exercise that sometimes helps and sometimes tells you how injured you are, is to lay on your back with your knees up, feet flat on bed. Slowly put your arms around to pull your knees lightly to the chest. Stop if hurting increases at any point. Slowly this is loosening up the back muscles and you may find relief if this is nerve related. If better repeat a number of times and then rest. Do a few times per day or when muscles start to spasm.

If this is not helpful, then you have to rest and either use heat or cold, whatever feels good but never more than fifteen minutes at a time. Let us know what your doctor has found. It may take time.

More questions? Please ask.

Delila 19 Oct 2012

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