Hi, I took klonopin 1mg once in a while for 5 years to relieve anxiety. I also take 40mg Celexa daily. No doctors warned me about this drug!!! I had no idea how bad this drug could be until I recently researched it online!!! So I decided to come off of it with a psychiatrist. When I tapered down to .50mg, I began to have bad withrawal symptoms that landed me in a behavioral center. There the docs in order to ease the withdrawal, put me on Lamicdal for three days and then switched me to Zyprexa. Doctors are no help!!! They write prescriptions like candy!!! Because I want to get pregnant someday, I want to get off all of my medications!! After being at the center for ten days, they completely weaned me off!!! Now I am having severe withdrawal symptoms that I cannot even function!!! It is affecting my husband and my family and they are very supportive. I am having all the benzo withdrawal symptoms that you can imagine!!! I need to know if there are any natural resources that can help me with this??? How long will this hell last?