So in the past year and a half, my doctor has tried me on every sleep medication imaginable. From "z" drugs such as Ambien and Lunesta to Seroquel to benzos. Typically a medication will work for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and then it abruptly stops working to treat my insomnia, so far the best medication I've found is to be mirtazapine, unfortunately it stopped working after a few months. I'm currently on mirtazapine and clonazepam. Originally it worked for a while but as of late, I find the only way to fall asleep is to drink about a 6 pack (on top of my medicines) in order to obtain even a few hours of sleep. Prior to the medication my primary issue was with sleep onset, on my current regimen I find that is no longer an issue, but i wake up frequently throughout the night. Recently, I switched doctors and was prescribed Belsomra, which was then rejected by my insurance company, they requested that I try Rozerem first. I have yet to try it, as I am afraid of potential rebound insomnia/anxiety I may experience from cutting out the clonazepam /alcohol (my doctor doesn't think I need to be weened off). So my question is:
A: how effective is Rozerem in regards to sleep onset, and
B: can I expect any adverse effects from abruptly stopping the clonazepam (2mg a night) and the alcohol
C: is it safe to take either the clonazepam or mirtazapine in the event that the Rozerem doesn't work after say a few hrs.
My overall goal is to get of narcotics entirely but I'm afraid of what the results may be as far as rebound effects from abruptly stopping my current routine. I feel as though I have exhausted any and all options as far sleep medications and am willingly to take any advice that may help. I maintain my sleep hygiene as best as I can (no screens 1 hr before bed, bedroom is only used for sleep, etc.) What can I do?