Hi. I have been suffering from depression most of my life but wasn't diagnosed until 1992. My psychiatrist said I have dysthymia and OCD. He put me on Anafranil, which I took for about 10 years. Then I took Prozac 80mg / day until 2013, when I switched to Effexor 75mg / day. I took that for about 3 years and it helped, but I experienced severe, crippling headaches at least once a week. The headaches would start in the middle of the night and include nausea. At first, I thought they were sinus related, as they were toward the front of my head. Nothing helped; not Tylenol nor ibuprofen, and I also tried Flonase.

So I'm off the Effexor and now have the old depression back. The headaches are gone, but not sure what is worse -- headaches or depression.

Have others experienced headaches with Effexor? Any solutions or alternatives?