i can only type with one hand so its too hard to use shift key with one hand. sorry. my hand eczema is out of control. there are tiny vessicles or blisters all over my left hand at the moment. my hand eczema never goes away. it simply shifts from different parts of the hands. right hand is never as bad as left. i scratch my hand at night. i have tried many creams over the counter. nothing stops the maddening itch. the blisters oozing everywhere. two fingers have almost no out layer of skin and are red and raw. the skin that was scratched off at night reveals the sponge like appearance and oozes profusely. i made a dermatologist appointment the 30th of this month. i cannot bend my hand or bathe like this. its really hard to dress myself and usually results in cracking and bleeding of the skin. what can i do until i see the doctor? what treatment options are available? any advice on what to discuss with doctor?