She is almost 60 Years of Age having no signs of diabetes or blood pressure issue. Please advice as with number of websites I have gone through, seems its GERD where I am suspecting that her lower esophageal sphincter is not functioning in correct way. We met doc who took some lever tests and gave few meds but all in vein and its almost 4 weeks now. When she get this huge burps mostly in night or even in evening before dinner, she complaints of Dysphagia - a sensation of food being stuck in your throat and she finds at times difficult to breath as well. She also complaints that GAS is riding UP EARS and she gets block sensations. She was from quite some time consuming Rentac Tablet we have in India which was acting as H2 Blocker and giving some relief through out day but during evening and mostly after dinner, she gets these GERD symptoms and HUGE and VERY Loud Burps, as frequently as 10-15 in a minute and this continues. Since she has met menopause and her uterus has been taken, she regularly consumes calcium supplements on daily basis so to strengthen her bones. She was also take some what regularly Perinorm and Placida (i feel is way too bad a med) in evening and also was taking this Rentac early morning which was controlling the situation somehow, but not sure was that right to do. I learnt that Perinorm is a drug that increases the number of contractions in the digestive tract, so the contents of the stomach can empty quickly into the intestines but long term use is not recommended.

Going thru websites, i learnt that she is get too much of acid in stomach which kind of comes up and she shall avoid tomatoes, garlic onions etc whereas another site says that she is getting too low the acids and because of which food does not gets digested and thats why its kinds of comes up.

Please suggest what can be long term and safe cure for this.

Much Thanks,