yeah, lately, I randomly had a childhood flashback that I had totally forgotten and or repressed. The memory has brought on a chain reaction of other memories as well, and has put me into a depression unlike anything I've experienced for over fifteen years. I'm currently (as some may know), on many many meds, as I have anxiety (3mg Klonopin + 100 mg of Pristiq), depression (Pristiq), and fibro (20mg of Methadone, 225mg of Lyrica, and 300 mg of Tramadol). Due to all of the above, in order to stay awake at work, I have to also take 250 mg of Nuvigil. Obviously, libido is also an issue, so Cialis helps a bit (I forgot the quantity). This redgimind has taken a long long long time with many many different tests and medication trials and even done in different ways. Several doctors also involved and 20 to 30 tests, (everything done from the same medical group - so the doctors are all aware of everything). I'm on such a delicate balance of meds, that I really don't want to mess with anything, and try to work this out with my psychologist, but, at times, the depression just gets so so so bad that I'm lucky to have kids or I'd be in trouble. I love my kids beyond belief, and are the only thing that really makes me happy at this point... I'm not sure what to do... I would never in a million years ever take myself away from them, but I feel awful. Any advise?