My first ever post - I need support!!!
I took meds - Clonazepam and Pristiq - the last 8 yrs - and decided this past August to come off them - this summer, I was heckled badly at a Just for Laughs show by Jimmy Carr and I asked for an increase to 100mg Pristiq around that time as my esteem took a hit. My anxiety returned after a lengthy absence. So... I decided, enough, I want to come off it all. Stopped Pristiq Aug 27th - one mth of severe plapitations but i was off it. Then Clonazepam stopped(1.5-2mg) around the 15th Sept. By first week of Oct, Ativan and Prozac, prescribed to help me succeed in weening off the other two by my family doctor, did not work (side-effects), so I returned the pills to the pharmacy and went back on Clonazepam... obsessions about dying and negative thought patterns persisted - Oct 23rd, I realized I could not function, so I went back on Pristiq... now I have severe anxiety and depression - in fact, I had a 10/10 panic attack yesterday at my first appointment with my therapist... and i was so lucky, an osteopath in the same building took me in and adjusted my spine and ribs, and i went from 10/10, to zero!

Ok, so it is now Nov 1st... the day after my therapist and I'm fearful of everything - Clonazepam taking edge off - I need to know - will these side-effects stop soon? I don't recall having side-effects in the past when I started it, tho it's possible... I am a single parent of a little girl and I never want the to see me like that again. ANY HELP APPRECIATED!